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Uncle Chow Amulet

Phra Somdej Yanvilas 1st Batch

productcode : A5 🔥🔥 BULLET PROOF MONK FROM PHETCHABURI 🔥🔥 ✅ Phra Somdej Yanvilas 1st Batch ✅Master : LP Daeng Wat Khao Bandai-it ✅Year :…

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productcode : A5

✅ Phra Somdej Yanvilas 1st Batch
✅Master : LP Daeng Wat Khao Bandai-it
✅Year : BE2513/14 (1969)

🚩About LP Daeng Wat Khao Bandai-it
LP Daeng’s amulet once again hold reputation as bulletproof vest because in the olden days, phetchaburi is main source for all gun supply in Thailand and one of the most notorious place in Thailand. At least, one family will kept one gun in their house. In the 1970s, Petchburi was a bloodshed city where guns were used to solved disputes and conflicts.
There are many high ranking officers, politician, and people who work in the dangerous field such as security, army, police likely to wearing talisman made by LP Daeng Wat Khao Bandai-it. According to corpse picker in Phetchaburi , no victims of road deaths have been found wearing LP Daeng’s medal.

During the era of year AD1970, LP Daeng’s amulet so much popular in Thailand and almost all amulet dealer in that time will have it in their counter. Many HK celebrities wore LP Daeng medals, one of them was the legend Bruce Lee wore LP’s 1st batch medal -talisman.
🚩Consecration of Somdej LP Daeng Wat Khao Bandai-it
1.The raw holy powder materials were blessed in more than 300 temples starting from the year before B.E.2507 until 2511.
2. LP Daeng blessed the amulets 3 years from B.E.2511-2513
3.Then brought to Chaokun Nor at Wat Thepsirin to be blessed 2 times (April 25, B.E.2513, and Dec 5, B.E.2513 ).
4.This batch also be blessed in these important blessing ceremony in Wat Yai ( Chinnaraj) 2514, Wat Nangphya B.E.2514, Wat Sothorn B.E.2514, Wat Doi Mae Pang (LP Waen) etc.
This is one of the most powerful Somdej ever created in Thailand. One of the longest period that LP Daeng spent for creating and blessing amulets.

🚩Material collected within 10 years

1. Ground broken amulets of Somedej Wat Rakang, Somdej BangKhunPhrom. Wat Sampluen Amulets, Wat Indraviharn, Wat Ngern Klongtoey, LP Prink amulets
2. Holy soil from 4 important Buddhistic places in India,
3. The great 5 holy powder of Itthaje Powder, Maharaj Powder, Tri Nisinghae powder, Padhamang Powder, Budhakhun Powder
4. Bronze dust of casting Buddha from many important temples: Wat Palaelai Suphanburi, Wat Dhevasangkharam Kanchanaburi, Wat Bovornniwej Bangkok, Wat Makutkasart, Wat Phra Singh Chiang Mai, Wat Bodhi. Wat Rajbopit, etc
5. Holy soil from 9 good name areas : Chai Nat, Chaiyaphum, Chaibadal, Phichai, Denchai, Mahachai, Chaiya, Nakonchaisri, Hariphuchai. ( Chai = Victory)
6. Holy water & holy candle wax from 109 temples

🚩Last Executioner Chavoret Jaruboon
A biography book of Chavoret Jaruboon, Thailand’s last prison executioner in Bangkok’s notorious Bang Kwang Central Prison. This famous book later was filmed and wins a prize at Shanghai International Film Festival in 2014.
From year 1934 – 2002, the official method of death penalty execution in Thailand will used gun. Later in 2003, Thai law changed this barbaric method replaced with lethal injection.
Between 1984 and 2002, Chavoret Jaruboon executed 55 prisoners by gun.
The last prisoner execution with gun method take place in 11th December 2002 by Chavoret and his firing team. According to biography, there is a unusual situation happened during execution.
There is a prisoner who will be executed where he is tied and blindfolded. The first attempt failed where the gun could not be fired.
The second experiment was carried out and the gun got stuck again. Then the officer carried out an examination in the body of the prisoner to see what he was wearing.
Then they found a coin hidden in the armpit of the prisoner. The officer asked “what is the name of this amulet”, the prisoner replied “this is the first generation medal coin from LP Daeng Wat Khao Bandai-it”. After being taken, the third trial was successfully carried out well. This incident was witnessed by many people who were present at that time.

🚩Spiritual value (All in One)
High level of protection , Charm boosting (mixture of somdej wat rakhang and somdej wat bangkhunphrom), great fortune and prosperity.