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Ajahn Khunpaen Wat Khao-or – Jatukam Stamp

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Thailand amulet code: A13 ✅ Name : Jatukam Stamp 1st Wat Mahathat BE2530 ✅ ✅ Master : Ajahn Khunpaen Wat Khao-or ✅ Year : BE2530…

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Thailand amulet code: A13

✅ Name : Jatukam Stamp 1st Wat Mahathat BE2530 ✅
✅ Master : Ajahn Khunpaen Wat Khao-or
✅ Year : BE2530 (1986)
⚠️ verified by : ” SAMMAKOM CERTIFICATE “⭐️⭐️⭐️

🚩About Ajahn Khunpaen Wat Khao-Or
– Ajahn Khunpaen is the creator of Jatukam Amulet and one of the white sorcerer legend from great Khao-or lineage. In olden days, there are 2 most famous school which many Master learn magic knowledge (Puttakom Wicha). One was Wat Khao-Or in Southern of Thailand and another one is Wat Makham Tao ( LP Suk). With Ajahn Chum Chaikeree, both are the most famous Guru (White robe master) in Thailand. They both learned deeply about white magic (Puttakom Wicha) and occultism knowledge (saiyasart) with Great Guru Ajahn Iead Wat Don Sala who is a direct disciple of Ajahn Thong Tao Wat Khao-Or.

🚩About Jatukam Ramathep
Jatukam Ramathep is the name of 2 Princess of Siam (Jatukam & Ramathep) who lived around 1700 years ago when they were instructed by the King to bring Buddhist relics from Siam to Sri Lanka. In the middle of their journey, their ship was attacked by a violent storm that caused the boat to sink, and they were dragged ashore. Other guards cannot survive. Because they were unable to continue the journey, they prayed in front of the relics saying “Enlightened one, if the land we step on is holy land, give us guidance to start a new life here and with the help of people, we will keep this relic forever.”
This place is currently known as Nakhon Si Thammarat (one of the major cities in Thailand) and the temple they built to kept the Buddhist relics is Wat Mahathat.

🚩About Jatukam Stamp 1st batch amulet
1.One story tells that Police General Sanpetch Thammikun which instructed by medium who possessed by “spirit of jatukam” to meet Ajahn Khunpaen – to lead them for construction of Nakhon Si Thammarat’s city pillar. It was said this construction will bring tremendous peace for city that known as one of highest crime town in hailand . This jatukam was made for fund raising and commemorating the building of Lakmuang (city pillar).
2. Ajahn khunpaen invite all southern famous geji monks blessed in 3 ceremonies (Wat mahathat, city pillar, peak of Phi Leuang mountain and in middle of ocean).
3. Many miracle stories of this batch, one famous story that a Doctor failed to drew blood from Royal family which known wore Jatukam amulet and later, the Doctor visit Nakhon Si Thammarat to find out what amulet it is. The moment after Ajahn Khunpaen deceased, an incident arise called “Jatukam fever” across Thailand, many people visit Wat Mahathat and price of jatukam was soared high 100x times. This jatukam stamp made in same 1st batch ceremonies with famous 1st batch jatukam powder in big coin shape.
4.While 1st batch big jatukam powder in coin shape soared high within 200.000 baht currently, many people aim this jatukam stamp as the best substitution.

🚩Spiritual value
Powerful protection come along with wealth enhancement. Turn bad luck into good luck. Clear obstacle in life. With Rahu in the back , definitely will change your luck cycle into good one (great fortune). Powerful protection from harm and evil.