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Ajahn Nong Wat Saikow – LP Thuad Phim Yai (Silver Takrut)

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Thailand amulet code: A31 ✅“If someone want to harm you, they will forget it” ✅ LUNGPHOR THUAD PHIM YAI (SILVER TAKRUT) ✅Year : BE2540 (1996)…

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Thailand amulet code: A31

“If someone want to harm you, they will forget it”


Year : BE2540 (1996)

Master: Ajahn (Archan) Nong Wat Saikow 

⭐️⭐️⇒Verified by :  “CERTIFICATE SAMMAKOM


🚩About Wicha Narai Plaeng Roop 

– Wicha Narai Plaeng Roop was Ancient Wicha (magic knowledge) which very hard for many masters to learned this magic spell. This spell has extraordinary power to change form (Phra Narai transforming). It was said during the reign of King Rama IV, Somdej Toh (Ajahn Toh) used this magic spell to change his face so nobody can recognise him. King insisted on raising Somdej Toh in high-rank position in Sangha Council but Somdej Toh did not want reputation, and he was hiding into the forest.

-Ajahn Nong was one of the famous monk for sacred ancient wicha of Narai PlaengRoop. He created the most famous Takrut Narai Plaeng Roop which very hard to acquired. He oftenly said “If someone want to harm you, they will not be able to find you” .

-Takrut (sacred foil) Narai PlaengRoop will change form of the wearer and avert the danger/harm. If someone wants to harm you, he will forget or diverted. This special takrut even Venerable Ajahn Tim always bring it in his pocket.

-There are only a few batches of LPThuad have takrut narai plaengroop. The special one was batch of 2514BE and 2540BE. This batch mix high portion with First generation powder of LP-Thuad BE2497.

🚩About Luangphor Thuad & Ajahn Nong

Luangphor Thuad is legendary monk which lived 400+ years ago and one time Ajahn Tim (Wat Changhai) got vision about making his image into amulet. Then, he called his friend Ajahn Nong and with help of some of his good friend, they created the very first LP-Thuad amulet image in Thailand in year BE2497.

-LPThuad Amulet bring so many miracles in street and protection among wearer. Bring amulet into new high level of Maha-Ut Protection. Hence, Lpthuad amulet is well known for driving protector and according to group of corpse picker in road accident in southern Thailand, they never find victim who were died in street wearing Lpthuad amulet.

-Ajahn Nong Wat Saikow is considered as 2nd best Luangphor Thuad amulet maker in Thailand (after Ajahn Tim Wat Changhai). LP Thuad made by Ajahn Nong have been known to be as efficacious as those created by Ajahn Tim of Wat Chang Hai

🚩Spiritual value

Bring great metta effect (loving kindness) , protection and prevent road accident.

Takrut Narai Plaengroop is very good for avoiding danger , block black magic & evil/spirits and ability to change the Form of the Wearer.