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Khunpaen Sadetklab (swimming batch) BE 2506 (1962) – LP Supar

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product code: A104 ♨SOUTH GREATEST KHUNPAEN ✅KHUNPAEN SADETKLAB  ( Swimming batch ) ✅AJAHN CHUM &  LUANGPHOR SUPAR ✅ YEAR BE : 2506  ( 1962 )…

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product code: A104


✅KHUNPAEN SADETKLAB  ( Swimming batch )


✅ YEAR BE : 2506  ( 1962 )


♨Why called “Sadet-klab (Return Home)” ?

It means “Return home (safely)” . But the famous initial named “ Swimming back “ because after the ceremony, Ajahn Chum with some people sail into middle of sea and drop all the amulets into sea. After back to shore, they perform sacred ritual and miraculously, all amulets summons back to the Pavillion. If we clearly see this khunpaen , we can easily spotted white salt grain in body of amulets. Ajahn Chum said that Naga Deva is the Deity who brought back all the amulets.

This amulet initiated by 3 great gurus : Luangphor Supar, Ajahn Chum and Ajahn Uthai in big chanting ceremony. Many monks and white robe master from Khao-Or Lineage (including Ajahn Khunpan – creator of Jatukam ) also join chanting ceremony. Phra Sadedklub blessing ceremony was held at Wat Sar-od on 24th Dec BE2506 . Blessed within 1 months ended 24th January BE 2506.

🚩Ajahn Chum Chaikeree is the greatest White magic sorcerer in Thailand history. He learned Wicha (magic knowledge) from Khao-Or School (White Magic school in Thailand) and oftenly showed his ability in front of many people such as : Gun & Knife testing and applying Metta Oil that made cats befriend mice.

🚩Luangphor Supar Guntasiro  was one the Oldest Monk in Thailand who build almost 38 temples during his hundred years old lifetime. He learned Dhamma Magical from many great guru such as : LP Suk Wat Makhamtao, LP Chong Wat Natangnok, LP Derm Wat Nongpoh etc.

Even though his sacred spell can turn herbs into rock, but LP Supar admit that this result was nothing if compared with his Guru LP Suk. Because LP Suk can change herbs into hard solid rock, but his mind only can change the outside surface but can break if it fall into ground.