Khunpaen amulet wore by donnie yen

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Thailand amulet code: A2 ♨️ Donnie Yen wore this amulet in movie “Special ID”♨️ ✅ Name  : KHUNPAEN WARRIOR ORK SUEK ✅ Master  : Ajahn…

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Thailand amulet code: A2

♨️ Donnie Yen wore this amulet in movie “Special ID”♨️


✅ Master  : Ajahn Chum & LP Kong Wat Bansuan

✅ Year  : BE2513 (1967)

⇒ Certified by Mr Rak ( Senior Committee of Sammakom )


🚩About Ajahn Chum and LP Kong Wat Bansuan  

Ajahn Chum is the greatest White magic sorcerer in Thailand history.

From a young age, he had mastered many supernatural abilities. He learned Wicha (magic skill) with many teachers then finally learn from Khao-Or School (the most famous school to learn white magic in Thailand). Together with LP Kong, they both became good friends and practiced under the guidance of Ajahn Iead. At first, Ajahn Iead refused to teach, then Ajahn Chum asked his friend Ajahn Khunpan (Creator of the Jatukam amulet) to convince Ajahn Iead.

In the past, Ajahn Chum has often invited to various amulet blessing ceremonies, and his name was well- known even to Krungthep (Bangkok). The power of Konggrapan (sharp things cannot penetrate the skin) and power of Metta Mahaniyom (loved by people) reaches a high-level Wicha where the effectiveness of amulets is widely tested, and Ajahn Chum’s popularity rises rapidly.

Ajahn Chum often showed his ability in front of many people, including scratching sharp objects to people’s neck and arms, testing with a gun, and applying Metta oil that made cats befriend mice.

Once, Ajahn Chum became very ill and almost died. LP Kong used his magic knowledge to gave Ajahn Chum a part of his life, but with the condition that Ajahn Chum can no longer make amulets for commercial purposes.

This batch of khunpaen is one of the best results from the two most respected masters in Thailand and is a legend from the Khao-Or college.


🚩About Khunpaen Warrior Ork Suek 

-This batch made from 108 sacred holy material (powder & herb) which were collected by Ajahn Chum and LungPhor Kong for over 40 years. Blessing ceremony invited many top guru in the era such as : Ajahn Khunpan, Ajahn Nam Wat Donsala, top guru from Khao-Or lineage , hundred of lersi hermit and and many southern geji monks.

-Miracle happened on 17 March 2513BE, since before ceremony start, Khunpaen’s spirit come into the body of young men. Ajahn Chum tested him with many questions, especially related to the history of Khunpaen in the Ayutthaya period. Later, the spirit order to test amulet with gun shoot, someone try to shoot 3 times but bullet didn’t come out. This incident witnessed in front of many people who attended the ceremony.