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LuangPhor Derm Wat Nong Pho – Phra Pidta Song Na

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thailand amulet code: A100 Phra Pidta Sorng Na (2 Faces) LuangPhor Doem Wat Nongpho (LP Derm Wat Nong Pho) Year: circa BE2490 (CE 1947) (Thaprachan…

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thailand amulet code: A100

Phra Pidta Sorng Na (2 Faces)

LuangPhor Doem Wat Nongpho (LP Derm Wat Nong Pho)

Year: circa BE2490 (CE 1947)

(Thaprachan certificate )

*God of See Kaew (God from Nakhon Sawan)

LP Doem was one of the greatest Monks in Thailand. Born in year BE2403 (1860), he got nick name by local people called “ God of See Kaew (God from Nakhon Sawan Provinces).
Luangphor Doem’s Meetmor (Magic Knive) considered as top #1 Meetmor in Thailand. His magic knives are so terrible that even magic-tattooed hooligans are scared of them. Smallest cut can easily destroy victims invulnerability.

One of his creation is Pidta Song Na (double side face pidta) by Lp Doem wat Nong Pho blessed in year about BE 2490 (CE 1947). This pidta is made from a very special rare and holy metal called “Nuea Mekkhaphat”. Lp Doem blessed this pidta by himself with ancient method of wicha that he found the auspicious day to bless the Pidta. Pidta Song Na Mekkhaphat by Lp Doem is very well known in Thailand because this powerful amulet can protect you from harm and danger, accident, black magic and weapon.

A brief biography of Lp Doem

Luangphor Doem was born in Wednesday, 6th February BE 2403 at Nakhon Sawan Province in farmer family. He was named “Doem” by his parents because he is the first child and son in family. When Lp Doem was 20 years old, his parents wanted Lp Doem to ordain that he also willing to ordain too. He was ordained at wat Khao Keaw and after that he went to stay at wat Nong Pho to study Buddhism. Lp Doem studied dhamma, meditation and Pali language from Lp Chom for 7 years and then went to Ajahn Phan Chuphan to study wicha (magick) and after that continued to study wicha from Lp Mee wat Ban Bon for 2 years. Afer finished from Lp Mee, Lp Doem continued to study dhamma with Ajahn Yam wat Srathalay and studied sermon and Pali from Lp Noom at wat Khao Thong, then continued his study from Lp Thet wat Sarthalay, Lp Ngern wat Phra Pranglueng, Lp Khaonor and Lp Kham wat Khao Keaw.

Lp Doem was known to have kept many elephants. He cast a spell on every elephant’s legs and sometimes fed them with blessed grass. Lp Doem was often inbited to many temples to preside over the ordain ceremony. When he was getting old, he reached the destination temples by elephants. All his elephants were very tamed. After reaching the temple, Lp Doem let the elephant go freely to feed by itself in the nearby area. Amazingly, when the ceremony going to end with some chanting chapter the elephants would go back by itself and kneeled down infront of the Bosth to pick him up and bring him back to wat Nong Pho. Lp Doem loved all his elephants and he had special supernatural power to detect elephants’ mind and to communicate with them.

When he passed away, his elephants cried with grief and some of them refused to eat anything. Lp Doem was a great builder. He helped build more than 30 temples in Nakonsawan and nearby provinces. The day he passed away, his monk disciples had told him that the water level was very los and if there was no rain in a few days the pond would dry up. Lp Doem nodded his head while he was lying ill on the floor. “My sons, I’m going to leave this world, I wish you all be good monks and be happy forever, so don’t worry about the water in the pond”, he said. A few minutes later he passed away. Suddenly, lightning flashed in the sky and a clap of thunder striked and rained heavily. One hour laer the pond was full of water again.
This Pidta Song Na Mekkhaphat comes with Trapachan certificate for your pleasure collecting original and 100% authentic amulet.