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Miraculous Takrut by LP Supod Wat Srisongtham

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Thailand amulet code: A98 Miraculous Takrut by LP Supod who Stop the Bullet LP Supod Wat Srisongtham is one of the Most Popular Monk in…

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Thailand amulet code: A98

Miraculous Takrut by LP Supod who Stop the Bullet

LP Supod Wat Srisongtham is one of the Most Popular Monk in present era. He was an expert in Maha Ut Wicha (Avoiding Danger Magic knowledge).The story of LPhoo’s occult art soaking his hand in corrosive acid and using his hand to pick up banana from a boiling hot oil became one of well-known story in town.
Can read short biography here : (kasih link facebook post sehari sebelumnya)

Tagrud Tone Maha Petkong
This tagrud were inscribed with 32 letters of Maha Ut (Avoiding Danger Yant).

Lp Supod bounded the takrut up with string together with Maha Mantra Hiran Muan Paen Din then mixed it with a kind of powder and stamped with code on both end.This kind of tagrud were very popular when it were just out for sale it got completely sold out within 7 days.
According to the occult book,the user will not die of sharp weapon or any kind of weapon.If his kamma is already expired he will die at home.

A Miracle Example  of Takrut Tone MahaPet :

The Gun Muzzle Burst When The Police Officer Opened Fire At It.

A police officer of Phitsanulok who was a disciple of LP Supod although he was LP Supod’s disciple but he don’t had enough faith in LP Supod. He was thinking of putting LP Supod’s Takrut to a test so to see with his own bare eyes.

He picked Takrut Maha Jak Ped Kong and placed it as a target.He opened fire with his personal gun but the first shot didn’t fire.He took a look at his gun and suspected that his gun was not working properly.

He tried a second time and this time the gun fired giving a very loud bang ! Nothing happened to the tagrud but the gun muzzle was totally burst.Even thought he had already saw from the spot with his very own eyes he was still unsatisfied and unconvinced.

The hands of his friend got itchy and wanted to test himself so to satisfy his urge fully. He pulled his gun and acted as if he was a cowboy in western movie but good enough he declared to LP Supod first before opening fire.He opened fire at the takrut and produced loud sound of,”chae,chae,chae” for three times.Not a single bullet fire ! That made him firmly believed without any doubt instantly.He was thinking within his heart that he is not going to test it again.

Golden Word Of Luang Phor Supod

1)My thing can be tested,take it and give it a try.If you see that it’s good,gradually take and use it then.

2) (For Protection talisman) My own thing you can take it and open fire at it, chop with a chopper(test it on someone or if you dare test it on yourself), feel the power and hit your body(or someone else).Come and test in the Temple.