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Phra Cinnaraj Wat Baromathat BE2497 – Ajahn Chum

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product code: A75 ✅ Phra Cinnaraj Wat Baromathat BE2497✅   ✅ Master : Ajahn Chum & Big Mass Chanted ✅ Year  : BE2497 (1953) ⇒…

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product code: A75

Phra Cinnaraj Wat Baromathat BE2497 

✅ Master : Ajahn Chum & Big Mass Chanted

✅ Year  : BE2497 (1953)

⇒ Certified by DD-PRA


⭐️”This is the best amulet I ever created “ Ajahn Chum

Ajahn Chum is the greatest White magic sorcerer in Thailand history. Ajahn Chum oftenly showed his ability in front of many people, including scratching sharp objects to people’s neck and arms, testing with a gun, and applying Metta oil that made cats befriend mice.

Why this batch is powerful ? Because he said “ miracle happened before event, during event and after event”.

🚩About Phra Cinnaraj Wat Baromathat BE2497🚩

  1. Holy Material from 108 sacred places mix with broken old amulet from 20 underground of ancient temples in Suphanburi. Mixed with more than 500 sacred ingredients.
  2. Blessed in Great Ceremony (Maha Putthapisek) by 108 great Monks in Wat Baromathat. Some of famous monks such as Portan Klai (Wat Suan Khan), Luang Phor Opasi, Luang Phor Pan (Wat Khao Or), Luang Phor Khong (Wat Ban Suan), Luang Phor Mun (Wat Kao Daeng), Luang Phor Song (Wat Chao Fa Sala Loy), Luang Phor Daeng (Wat Khao Bandai-It), Luang Phor Ngern (Wat Donyai Hom), Luang Phor Tae (Wat Sam Ngam) and includes many top white robe master such as Ajarn Chum Chaikhiri, Ajahn Khunpan (creator of Jatukam) and many mores.

> 7 days blessing for  Maha Ut (avoid danger) & protection from animal.

> 7 days blessing for Metta MahaNiyom (charm and attractiveness)

> 7 days blessing for Protection from evil spirits, black magic and illness

> 7 days blessing for Konggrapan (body protection)