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Phra Kring 1st batch – LP Mee Wat Manwichai

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Thailand amulet code: A68 ✅PHRA KRING 1ST BATCH✅ ✅LP Mee Wat Manwichai, Ayutthaya ✅ Year BE2535 🚩Why does LP Pern Wat Bang Phra really honor…

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Thailand amulet code: A68

✅LP Mee Wat Manwichai, Ayutthaya
✅ Year BE2535

🚩Why does LP Pern Wat Bang Phra really honor LP MEE WAT MANWICHAI?

Luangphor Mee’s famous account. A student (Ajahn) from Luangphor Pern was helping a villager who was under the influence of a black magic spell. As a consequence of his lack of experience and strength, the effects of the black magic were passed on to Ajahn.

After many attempts, Luang Phor Pern himself could not exorcise the demonic forces and asked a devotee to look for Luang Phor Mee at Wat Manweechai. Luang Phor Mee performs a sacred ritual to remove dark forces. During this process, Ajarn felt very uncomfortable and twitchy during visits to the bathroom. He immediately knew that the spell’s effect had been lifted. It was clear that Luang Phor Mee had a high level of wisdom and dharma, and that the days events became widespread news in Nakhon Pathom.

A famous incident from LP Mee. When a student (ajahn) from LP Pern helped a villager who asked for black magic. As a result of the experience and effects of black magic, the effects of black magic are transmitted to the student.

After several attempts, LP Pern could not dispel the magic and asked his students to look for LP Mee Wat Manweechai. LP Mee then performed a sacred ritual to expel the evil spirit. During this process the student felt discomfort in the stomach and spit out (vomited) nails while on the toilet. He began to realize that the power of black magic that had attacked him had been cleared. From this it can be seen that LP Mee has a high level of knowledge of wicha (magical knowledge) with an understanding of dharma. And this incident spread very quickly in the city of Nakhon Pathom.

🚩LP Mee Wat Manweechai Biography

LP Mee of Wat Manweechai, Ayutthaya Province was born in BE 2455. He became a close disciple of the Great Master Monks of Thailand – LP Parn Wat Bangnomkho and LP Chong of Wat NaTangNok.
Luang Phor Mee is very famous for his knowledge of Metta, Wicha (magic science) and Vipasana meditation. LP Mee also studied from other famous teachers such as: Luangphor Opasse, Luangphor Chaem of Wat Takong etc.

From the age of 15, LP Mee studied Wicha (magic) from his uncle who was a teacher monk at Wat Ban Prao. LP Mee often went to Tudong in the deep jungles and cemeteries alone to practice his knowledge and Vipassana meditation.

LP Mee is known to have helped create LP Parn’s legendary animal, Somdej for 3 years and learned a lot of magical knowledge about LP Parn himself.

There are many success stories and experiences of miracles among LP Mee amulet wearers.

LP Mee died at the age of 89 in Year BE2543 and miraculously, his body had no signs of decay, his hair and nails were still growing. His body is still kept in a glass coffin in the temple. A phenomenon for masters who have reached the level of Arahant level.

🚩 Spiritual Values

Phra Kring is known as “Buddhist medicine” and is excellent for enhancing the aura of health and good fortune, avoiding danger & hoping for fulfillment.