amulet by the legend LP Suang Srisaket province

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Phra Kring Leklai (Buddha medicine) – LP Suang Srisaket Province

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Thailand amulet code: A99 Phra Kring Leklai (Buddha medicine) LP Suang – Srisaket province Year BE 2519 (1975) Thaprachan certificate ANGEL WALK ON EARTH It…

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Thailand amulet code: A99

  • Phra Kring Leklai (Buddha medicine)
  • LP Suang – Srisaket province
  • Year BE 2519 (1975)
  • Thaprachan certificate


It is believed by many people that Lp Suang is over 500 years old, for which reason he has a nickname “Lp Suang Ha Roy Pi – Jam Wat Tua Jakrawan” (Lp Suang 500 years old,who resides all over the Universe).

Material: Amulet created from Leklai material. Leklai believed to have powerful magical effect. LP Suang mix with other sacred material from Cambodia and soaked in holy water to boost power of amulet.

Purpose for making: LP Suang made this batch for give to people who donated to build “Tham Phu Din” Buddhist Place in Srisaket province.

Ceremony: there were 200 top monks around Thailand joined to bless in grand ceremony. Moreover, LP Suang blessed for 3 days and 3 nights by himself.

Brief story about LP Suang

LP Suang was a very simple monk who lived in simple wooden hut in middle of field in Srisaket near Cambodia border. He could live anywhere with one robe. Although he did not clean himself, his body did not stink. He did not care about money and stuffs at all. Sometimes lucky devotees will get number and win the lottery. When they want to gave money to LP Suang, he grab and threw it away in grass field but miraculously people cant find the money in the spot. On other occasions, he would take the money, but would ask to go for a drive in the car of the devotee, and then would throw the money out at poor people on the way. He did not care about money and stuffs.

There are many miracle stories among LP Suang attendance such as : winning lottery, holy urine making crops grow well , walking on water and  staying underwater. So, they called LP Suang ‘Angel on Earth’.

He Got Nickname “LP Suang 500 years old”

From inquiring nearly old people, they said they saw LP Suang as an old monk when they were young. But why when they got old, they still saw LP Suang in the same look. Some people assumed that LP Suang was about 500 years old.

Testimonial also came from senior monk Luangphor Rit Ratana Choto, the abbot of Wat Chonlaprata.

He said that as he was making merit building the Dhamma Sala, Luang Phu Suang came to visit. No one saw which direction he arrived from, but when he left, he was seen to walk out to the jungle in front of the temple. This jungle was both thick and large, and was floded with water from the rain. Luang Phu Suang walked out through the flooded field towards the edge of the jungle. As he walked, a large number of birds and animals were seen to following behind Luang Phu Suang, and then suddenly, he disappeared. Its like fairy story telling, but in fact really exist.

Luang Phu Suang amulets & its magical effects

-Make a week of reverence, and receive the power of Metta Mahaniyom. Make 2 weeks reverence, and receive the power of Choke Laap, bringing good sales , wealth and fortune. Make three weeks of reverence, to see the magical power of Siang Choke, bringing luck in all forms of gambling and lotteries, if revered with true and complete faith for the whole three weeks, then any gambles will be successful

-Protection from road accidents – the wearer of this amulet will not die in a terrible accident. In times of difficulty, be it financial or otherwise, you can revere the amulet and ask Luang Phu Suang to help you in your endeavors. Many people believe their success to be due to their prayers to Luang Phu Suang being answered

-Kongkarpan Chadtri protective magic is present in a high degree in all amulets from LP Suang. There are many tales of life saving miracles occurring where Luang Phus amulets were worn. Protection from black magic, ghosts, fairies and local spirits. Serm Duang (improve fate and karma – auspicious improvement of ones horoscope). Protection against lightning and fire damage

Miracle stories of LP Suang

  1. A man told that : I went to buy amulets, someone said my amulet (I’m wearing LP Suang amulet) was fake. Then I prayed to LP Suang to manifest something to teach that man. That man asked me to touch power of my amulet. After he touched amulet, he fell down and had nosebleed. I was shocked and then realised it might be power of LP Suang.”
  2. Told by a teacher “I remembered at the hut in Sisaket, there were LP Suang and some disciples. LP Suang hadn’t eaten something for three days because there was no food, so the disciples didn’t eat too. Then LP Suang prayed a verse and not over 15 minutes, a bus with nuns from Sakon Nakhon (nearby province) came with food to offer LP Suang.”
  3. A lady told that “I used to suffer from unidentified illness. I was very unhappy. One day, my husband said there is a monk named Luangpu Suang whom people in Sisaket respect so much. In fact, I didn’t know of LP Suang at that time. Then I searched LP Suang in Google and prayed to him for my illness that if I could recover I would go to pay respect to LP Suang. One month after, I dreamed of LP Suang and he said to cure me. Sooner after, I was gradually better.”
  4. Told by A man who used to have a painful left knee “As for me, I originally have faith in LP Suang. 2 years ago, I went to pay respect to LP Suang statue at Wat Ratburana, Bangkok. I prayed to LP Suang for my knee because I hurt on my left knee that I couldn’t walk too much. When I went home and using daily life, I found I felt less painful on my left knee. That was amazing!”