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Phra Somdej 96 Phi

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Thailand amulet code A36 ✅  Phra Somdej 96 Phi ✅  Blessed by Luangta Maha Boowa, Wat Pabantaad ✅  Year : BE2552 (2008) # This Somdej…

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Thailand amulet code A36

✅  Phra Somdej 96 Phi

✅  Blessed by Luangta Maha Boowa, Wat Pabantaad

✅  Year : BE2552 (2008)

# This Somdej strongly blessed by Luangta Maha Boowa to celebrate 96 years birthday. Front side added Luangta’s hair and holy treasure and back side added Luangta’s jeevorn (monk robe).

# This somdej mixed much-sacred material from top dhammayut (forest monk) from AC Mun lineage.

# Luangta Maha Bua never created any amulets, but there are few occasions where Luangta blessed amulets for good purposes. Such as: helped the nation in fundraising during the Thai economic crisis, building Kuti for monks, etc.

🚩 Short Brief about Luangta Maha Boowa

Luangta Maha Bua is a close disciple from Ajahn Mun Buridatto ( the most famous meditation master in Thailand).  He was known as Truly  Arahant (highes achievement of Monk) and also one of the most respected monk in Thailand. Even King Rama IX and Queen highly respected Luangta.

Luangta Maha Boowa initiated the fund-raising scheme to helped the country recover from the effects of the 1997 global financial crisis which badly strucked Asian. This initiative arise after he learnt that the hospital he was visiting had huge debts.

Their Majesties the King and Queen met him in 1998 and also donated to his funds. In next few years, almost 12 tonnes of gold bar donated to country in his fund raising scheme “Phapa Chuay Chart” (Buddhist robes helping the nation). Guiness Book of Record verified this as the largest ever.

When Luangta Maha Bua passed away, millions of people pay last respect during the cremation of Luangta Maha Bua in the year 2011. Royal family, Prime Minister , high rank military and police officer and thousand of monks attented the ceremony.



There were many amulets with Luangta image but blessed by his disciple in the present era (not by Luangta Maha Bua). Beware of many unclear versions which claimed blessed by Luangta. There are only few batches have clear record of Luangta Maha Boowa’s involvement in amulet blessing. The famous one of course, amulet created during fund raising scheme to help nation in year 1997.

🚩Spiritual value

Strong metta (loving kindness – charm ) , attract luck and good fortune