this Phra Yudthong thai amulet by Luang Pu Koon won 2nd prize in sammakorn competition

Uncle Chow Amulet

Phra Yudthong Luang Pu Koon (Won 2nd in Sammakom)

#A582 ✅ Phra Yudthong Roon Ta Ying ✅ Year: BE.2540 [1996] ✅ LP Koon Wat Ban Rai ✅ Material Nawa (a mixture of 9 metals)…

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Phra Yudthong Roon Ta Ying

Year: BE.2540 [1996]

LP Koon Wat Ban Rai

Material Nawa (a mixture of 9 metals)

⚠️Won 2nd Prize in Sammakom (Sammakorn) Grand Competition

I dare you to shoot !” ~Luang Pu Koon said.

This popular batch is “must-have” item among LP Koon amulet’s collector. In the era of BE2540-2542, many high-rank officers, police, and even gangster will hunt this amulet. LP Koon Wat Banrai is one of the most popular monks in Thailand. Almost every Thai person knows his name.

Buddha Yudthong means Buddha Victory. In the olden days, soldiers put this image on top of the flag when going to war. It means wearing Buddha Yudthong will bring you excellent protection and victory. Nowadays, people wear Yudthong for business, luck, and career.


This is the intention of LP Koon himself to create this special batch in order to collect fund to fasten construction in LP Koon’s institution. LP Koon keeps this amulet in the wooden box in his private room and blessing this amulet a few times a day. One day, LP Koon told his disciples before he was going to have a heart operation in Sirirad hospital in Bangkok. He told them that if he did not manage to come back from the hospital this time, they must distribute all the amulet in his wooden box to important people that visit his funeral. But after the operation was done, LP Koon’s health gets better, and many high-rank officer police and soldier visit him.  LP Koon always brought them to his private room and gave this amulet directly to them and also said, “ Try to shoot it !!!” – hence, some people called this amulet as “Ta Ying “ (dare to shoot).

Notes : Nawa material is the type given by LP Koon to military and police officials who came to visit him