amulet wealthy pla tapian by LP Chong

Uncle Chow Amulet

Luang Pu Chong – Pla Tapian (Wealthy Fish) 1942

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amulet code : A76 ♨Pla Tapian (Wealthy Fish) from Ayutthaya Legend ✅ LP Chong Wat Natangnok [top 10 monks] ✅ Year BE2485 (1942) LP Chong…

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amulet code : A76

♨Pla Tapian (Wealthy Fish) from Ayutthaya Legend
✅ LP Chong Wat Natangnok [top 10 monks]
✅ Year BE2485 (1942)

LP Chong refers as top 10 Great Monk of the country. He was a close friend with LP Parn Wat Bangnomkho. LP Chong is well known for his wicha ability (magic knowledge), and his amulets performed many miracles.
Pla Tapian Wealthy Fish Amulet made by Lp Chong Wat Natangnok are very well-known business talisman among merchant. In old time , there were many sellers on the boat/river & they who hang tapian in front of boat, they will selling easily in canal market (now famous with name “Floating market”). LP Chong fish amulet became so much popular. Many of shop and restaurant owner will hang Tapian in front of shop and the business will prosperous. Therefore, they will donate to Wat Natangnok and LP Chong oftenly taught them about Dhamma.

♨️There are few stories about Lp Chong ♨️

-During World War II Japan has attacked Ayutthaya & LP Chong famous as protector of province & lives of the people. LP Chong has been chosen to sprinkle sacred sand from a plane to land below. Many miracles were recorded as there are many unexploded bombs in land. (Ayutthaya famous for many ancient temples)

-In year BE 2480 during WW II, Japan attacked villagers, and LP Chong made sacred cloth, when the Japanese army saw villagers, they would have illusions there were thousand people behind them & they were leaving. There are a lot of undocumented stories where Soldier who wore his amulet remain unharmed and back safety from war.

-Once, LP Parn of WatBangnomkho ask his monk disciple to go by motor boat to invite LP Chong to join ceremony ritual, but LP Chong told them to go back as he would go by himself later. As soon as the monk had came back and reported to LP Parn that LP Chong will come later, LP Parn laughed and pointed that LP Chong already sitting there. With few miles distance , how can LP Chong came within a very short time?

– There is a well-known incident with many witnesses that holy water poured out from master’s hand to empty bottle.