Roop Meun Fa Par (thunder bolt) LP Phrom

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Roop Meun Fa Par (Yant Back ver.) Lp Phrom Wat Chongkae BE2512

product code : AA25 ✅ Roop Meun Fa Par (Thunder Bolt) – Yant Back ver. ✅ LP Phrom Wat Chongkae ✅ Year : BE2512 (…

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product code : AA25

✅ Roop Meun Fa Par (Thunder Bolt) – Yant Back ver.
✅ LP Phrom Wat Chongkae
✅ Year : BE2512 ( Year 1968)
⇒ come with Thaprachan Certificate

♨️About Roon Fa Par ( Thunder bolt batch ) – Yant Back ♨️
During the birthday event of LP Phrom which called “Ngan Tom Ya” – Event of Boiling Medicine. It was dark cloudy and thunderous weather, where all temple committee helped each other to keep tools & equipment. Then, A Senior Committee of Wat Chongkae, Mr. Sompong walked out to the center yard of the temple but suddenly, a bolt of lightning struck him, and he fell to the ground. Everyone saw the incident was shocking. Mr. La Or (Brother of Mr. Sompong) approached him and tried to wake him up. After he conscious, there was only a red rash on the body; his cloth remains in good condition. This is unusual incident witnessed in front of many devotees.

♨️ About LP Phrom Wat Chongkae♨️
-LP Phrom’s amulet known as “Ever-Green” as their value and demand always up every year & never declined. Almost all veteran collector have at least a piece of LP Phrom’s amulet.
-People called him “Golden Word Monk” – because whatever he said will come true.
Miss Tangsuwan who sell food nearby temple often donated to temple, and one day, LP Phrom greeted her and said “ You are going to be a millionaire soon” and very soon after, she became very rich and she donated so much money and built sermon hall in the temple.
One day, Luangphor went to the pond to get water to bathe himself. But a strong wind blew the basin and dropped into the middle of the pond. Luangphor asked the children to take, but the basin was too far away to grab. Then, out of sudden, Luangphor stood up and walk into the pond. All the children witnessed that and were shocked. A Buddhist monk named Phra Saman Kitivutho who lived in Wat Chongkae also witnessed this. There are plenty of miracles happened among amulet wearer, and LP Phrom legacy continues until today.