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Rooplor LP Ngern Roon “Pheun-Tak” (Broken Gun)

product code : A15 ✅ NAME : Rooplor LP Ngern Roon “Pheun-Tak” (Broken Gun) ✅ ✅ REMARK : Mass chanted at Wat Bangklan ✅ YEAR…

Product Details

product code : A15

✅ NAME : Rooplor LP Ngern Roon “Pheun-Tak” (Broken Gun) ✅
✅ REMARK : Mass chanted at Wat Bangklan
✅ YEAR : BE2528 (1984)
⇒⇒⇒ verified by :  ” T-AMULET CERTIFICATE ” ⭐️⭐️

🚩About LP Ngern Wat Bangklan
Luang Phor Ngern was born in year 1810 during the era of King Rama 1 at Pichit Province. In Thailand, LP Ngern is known as the top 10 Legendary Monk of all time and amulet of LP Ngern (Rooplor) is one of the most expensive amulets in Thailand which price touched millions of baht.

🚩Miracle story of LP Ngern Wat Bangklan
1. LP Ngern Wat Bangklan is well known for his strong telepathic mind power. It was recorded in Royal Visiting Journey when Prince Chumpon ( son of King Rama V Chulangkorn who known as the Father of Thai Navy) visited LP Ngern Wat Bangklan. It was said that LP Ngern walked on water to welcoming Prince Chumpon and when the Prince asked “how do you know that I will come?”, LP Ngern replied, “LP Suk Wat Pakhong Makhamtao told me through telepathy.” At that time, there was no telephone in Thailand. (Prince Chumphon visits Ngern’s LP after finishing learning wicha from LP Suk).
2. LP Ngern Wat Bangklan is famous for the holy water blessings which used for bathing and is believed to bring good luck. Once, a Chinese merchant who visited Ngern LP asking for holy water. LP Ngern lit a candle and had the conversation with him. After felt a bit long, finally the merchant asked permission to go back and asked whether Luangphor had blessed the holy water in the container or not. LP Ngern replied, “It is already done.” In his doubt, the merchant took back the container with the water. When he reached the front gate, he tried to empty the bowl with pour away the water into the river, but amazingly the water doesn’t seem to stop flowing out from the bowl.

🚩 Why this batch called “miracle batch” ?
1. This batch mixed up with original lp ngern’s amulet that were found in the backyard in the underground of broken statue of Wat Bangklan.
2. Holy material collected from 200++ temples in couple of years.
3. Blessed in great ceremony with many great monks involved (100++ top monks)
4. On the day of amulet casting ceremony, they cannot lift the container, despite the fact it had been easy to carry when they picked up in the first place. A prayer must be conducted.
5. Strange things happened again in the smelting process, the sacred metal material cannot be smelted even though were heated up to 1000 degree. Thus, ritual prayer to lp ngern surprisingly solves the problem.
6. Nickname “Pheun Tak “ because certain people try to shot the amulet after the ceremony, but the gun is jammed and exploded in the 5th click.
7. When most people cannot wear the original LP Ngern amulet, this LP Ngern amulet which created in year BE2515 and BE2528 can be the best alternative substitute.

🚩Spiritual value
LP Ngern amulet is well known for its extreme power to protect the wearer from danger. In Thailand, LP Ngern amulet has many testimonials in wealth fetching and attract fortune. Therefore, LP Ngern Amulet is very famous for businessman