Takrut Mai Kru blessed by Luang Pu Kalong

Uncle Chow Amulet

Takrut Mai Kru- Luang Pu Galong (Kalong) early period 196x

thailand amulet code #A591 “THE MOST DIFFICULT TAKRUT LP GALONG EVER MADE” ~ ✅ TAKRUT MAI KRU LP GALONG (Kalong) BE.250X (196X)   ✅ Come…

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thailand amulet code #A591


✅ TAKRUT MAI KRU LP GALONG (Kalong) BE.250X (196X)  

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This rare early generation Takrut known as the most hardest takrut that LP Galong ever made.

The material of this takrut is made from bamboo that was broken due to being struck by lightning and LP Galong would have to meditate patiently nearby, waiting for elephants to walk over the parts intended for use. It was recorded in the ancient Wicha manuals of Phichai Songkram that, such bamboo trees were the only ones suitable for harvesting to be consecrated into sacred objects. These objects would have 108 purported magical properties.

In era of BE.2550, LP Galong (Kalong) was known as “King of Takrut”  (Takrut is sacred metal talisman which rolled with special yant / mantra inscribed). He built 9 ordination hall with merely takrut.

LP Galong is known for its spiritual abilities which are connected to high level deities such as Brahma & Lersi. That’s why LP Galong is very popular in Lersi, tiger and takrut amulets.

LP Galong once said that all amulets endowed with mental concentration will one day exceed the value of gold. And will be rarer than jewels.

Even LP Toh Wat Pradoochimpee once said to LP Chaem during a ceremony at Wat Intharaviharn that he had never met anyone who had such strong telepathic powers.