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Luang Pu Tim of Wat Lahanrai

Biography – Luang Pu Tim (Wat Lahanrai) – Who is the venerable monk Luang Pu Tim of Wat Lahanrai ( Ban…

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Luang Pu Toh of Wat Pradoo Chimplee

Biography – Luang Pu Toh (Wat Pradoo Chimplee)

About LP Toh – Wat Pradoo Chimplee (Bangkok) Pra Raht SangWaLahPiMon or Luang Pu Toh…

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Luang Pu Waen Sujinno of Wat Doi Mae Phang

Biography – Luang Pu Waen (Wat Doi Mae Phang)

  What is sacred? Everyone has something sacred within themselves. To have been born as…

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