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Biography – Luang Pu Hong (Wat Petchburi)

Luang Phor Hong

LP Hong is known as one of the top guru monks of the present era, although he is now 94 years old. He is well-known and popular for his knowledge in both Dhamma and Visha (supernatural arts). Luang Pu Hong Brommapanyo was a virtuous monk and performed many miracles bringing good luck and fortune to those who met him. He dedicated merit to people, cured patients with his wax and sacred water. His reputation as a Guru monk extended worldwide, as did the popularity of his amulets.

About LP Hong – Wat Petchburi (Surin)

The Reverend Father Hong (Luang Pu Hong / LP Hong) Brommapanyo or the Lord Master Prasartbromakhun lived in the Tungmon Cemetery of Wat Petchburi, Prasart District in Surin Province, Thailand.

Luang Phu Hong had studied both theoretical and practical dharma from many masters. Seven years after his ordination, he traveled to Cambodia to practice meditation and to seek peace. In addition he studied magic incantations from many masters. He finally returned to Wat Petchburi, where he was appointed as the abbot in 1973.

Prince Narodom of Cambodia held great respect for Luang Pu Hong, so much so that he attributed the blessings of the great monk to his success in regaining control of his country. Even today Luang Pu Hong can be found at Tungmon Cemetery of Wat Petchburi.

Luang Pu Hong’s knowledge of Visha had come from Cambodia and is widely-proven for its efficacious.

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