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Takrut Sarika LP YIAM (Ieam) WAT NANG

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thailand amulet code: A65 TAKRUT SARIKA  LuangPhor Yaem (Yiam / Ieam) Wat Nang Two certificates: Sammakom Certificate T-amulet Certificate Famous story of LP Yiam Wat…

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thailand amulet code: A65

LuangPhor Yaem (Yiam / Ieam) Wat Nang

Two certificates:

  • Sammakom Certificate
  • T-amulet Certificate

Famous story of LP Yiam Wat Nang
King Rama V high respected LP Yiam and treated him as Spiritual Teacher. In BE 2440, there are one occasion when LP Yiam had predicted His Majesty 1st Royal Visit to Europe – that King Rama V would face problem from four-legged animal. And LP Yiam had given a supranatural advice prior to his Royal Journey. As it turned out that during King’s Royal Visit in France, The Prince of France brought a wild horse which was untamed and asked King Rama V whether The King dared to tame and ride on this horse. At that moment, King Rama V recalled the prediction of LP Yiam and remember LP Yiam’s advice. The King walked straight to this wild horse and pulled some grass from the ground. The King recited Katha (Magic text) that LP Yiam taught him. Later, King fed these grasses to the horse and miraculously, this wild horse calmed down and suddenly become tame. King Rama V easily control and ride this wild horse. This incident witnessed by hundred of peoples and recorded in Thai Royal Journey.
In the year BE2441, King Rama V chulangkorn has appointed LP Yiam as Head Monk of Wat Nang.


Luang Poo Yiam or Jow Koon Dtow is a very famous monk in Thailand, especially to those who like to collect his Kreung Rahng(magical items) and rian amulets. Luang Poo Yiam’s rians are the top amulets in the series of BenJaPahKeeRian (the Great Five Rians).

Luang Poo Yiam was born in Bangkok on the 5th August BE2375 (1832 AD), during the 3rd Thai King’s Reign. At the age of 9, Luang Poo Yiam began his formal studies at Wat Nang. Later, when he was 11 years old, he went to study at Wat Bowan, and after sometime, he moved to Wat RahtBurRaNa to continue his studies. At the age of 19, Luang Poo Yiam was ordained as a novice at Wat Nang for a short period of time.

When Luang Poo Yiam was 22 years old, he became a monk at Wat RahtOhRaSahRahm, and his preceptors were Pra SutTuMaTeRa (Gert), Pra TamMaJaDee (Jeen) and Pra Ah Jahn Rort, Wat Nang Norng were his Dhamma teachers. Later on, Luang Poo Yiam also studied Dhamma (the Buddha’s teachings) under Pra PahWaNahGohSon(Rort), Pra TamMaJaDee and Pra SangWonWeMon(Men).

Luang Poo Yiam was a very hard-working monk, and very soon he was promoted to Pra BaiKiGah(monk title) and subsequently became Pra PaLatTahNuKrom (monk title).

When Luang Poo Yiam reached 16th PanSah(rain retreat), the 5th Thai King bestowed the title of Pra Kru on him. Luang Poo Yiam returned to Wat Nang and became its head abbot.

In BE2442 (1899 AD), Luang Poo Yiam attained the title Pra RahChahKaNa.

Luang Poo Yiam was a monk who observed the precepts (code of conduct) of a Buddhist monk strictly. He never accepted material things given to him by the lay people, except those which were meant to build Wat Nang. Many people respected Luang Poo Yiam, and his Metta(Loving Kindness) was well-known both far and near, such that many people would bring their children to be ordained under him. The 5th Thai King was one who respected Luang Poo Yiam very much and treated him as his teacher.

Luang Poo Yiam had taught the 5th King a special kartha (mantra) for Metta MahaNiyom (Loving Kindness), and the 5th King would always use this kartha wherever he went. This kartha is called Kartha ItTiPiSoh Rian Dteui:

“It Ti Pi Soh We Se Se It
It Se Se Put Tat Nah Me It
It Me Nah Put Tat Dta Soh It
It Soh Dta Put Tat Pi Dti It”

Luang Poo Yiam was never arrogant despite his popularity and the attention bestowed on him. Instead he always mentioned that he was just an ordinary monk, and was not as good as any of his teachers who had taught him Dhamma (teachings of the Buddha).